Based in the United States, Immersed Group includes the global electronic dance labels Immersed Recordings, Suspended Sounds, and the recently announced Immersed Distribution. With over 15.5M plays, Immersed Group is growing rapidly alongside the ever-changing electronic dance music scene.

With over 50 releases spanning melodic house, electronic, ambient, and drum & bass, the diversity and integrity of the label's sound have allowed Immersed Group to be a revered recording company while still growing and learning. 

The melodic house Immersed Recordings imprint has introduced to the world artists such as Parallel Voices, Thysma, Feyln, Joshua Moreno, Gil Zambrano, Lazerus, and Into the Ether. The label has also released solo works and remixes from some of the most exciting names in melodic house music, including Paul Thomas, Tagavaka, Mark Tarmonea, Antrim, Deepature, and GLXY.  

The drum & bass imprint Suspended Sounds is less than a year old, but is making strides in introducing burgeoning talents such as Anwius and Beatmool. The label began its journey with a remix from Askel & Elere, showcasing the same emotional vibes Immersed curates but at a much faster BPM.  

At 3 years old, Immersed Group has evolved a great deal since its inception. We're always looking to expand and evolve while being committed to curating the best deep electronic music available.