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"Since its launch, Immersed Recordings has delivered a mission to the music scene of opening people’s minds to innovative, emerging sounds of progressive." - EDM Identity

Immersed Recordings is electronic music label based in the United States. Founded in 2019 by Alexander Punj, Immersed began as a college dorm project with the sole goal of releasing music reflecting his tastes. Immersed has since matured into a sustainable home for producers - a fast-growing beacon within electronic music garnering 23.9M streams and editorial support form Spotify, Apple Music, BBC Radio 1, KissFM UK/AU, SiriusXM, and countless artists and DJs around the world. 

The melodic house imprint has introduced to the world artists such as Rebel of SleepParallel Voices, Thysma, Feyln, Guy Didden and Into the Ether. The label has also released solo works and remixes from some of the most exciting names in melodic electronic music, including Paul Thomas, Tagavaka, Mark Tarmonea, Antrim, Deepature, and GLXY.  Many of the artists on the roster have continuously successful touring careers in both international and local venues. A particularly notable event was Thysma's opening set before Above & Beyond at Club Laroc in Brazil.

Immersed prides itself on its non-exclusive deals which allow artists to express creative freedom. The label also adheres to the 50/50 royalty split system, allowing artists to work easily towards making a living off their music. 

Suspended Sounds

On June 24th, 2022, Suspended Sounds joined the Immersed family.  As a brand new label, Suspended Sounds maintains the core sonic characteristics of the main Immersed discography, but within a liquid and dancefloor drum & bass identity.

The drum & bass imprint is less than a year old, but is making strides in introducing burgeoning talents such as Anwius and Beatmool. The label began its journey with a remix from Askel & Elere, showcasing the same emotional vibes Immersed curates but at a much faster BPM.  Despite it being such a new project, it has garnered 5 million plays, and support from leading outlets such as BBC Radio 1, KissFM UK, Apple Music, EDM Identity, and more.

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