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Immersed Distribution is part of Immersed Group, an electronic music company based in the United States. We also run various record labels ourselves: Immersed Recordings and Suspended Sounds.

Our digital distribution department originated in 2022 after many years of working on our own labels.  We decided to start the distribution to take matters into our own hands. In addition, we operate on a fixed fee rather than taking a large cut of label sales - why should distributors get paid more when a record label (because of their own vision, investments, and hard work) becomes successful or has certain successful releases? Our low fixed fee per release allows labels to know their costs upfront without squandering revenue.

How We work
  • You pay a small one-time upfront fee per release for the delivery of your music to more than sixty stores, streaming services, and other digital service providers.

  • Get paid 95% of the net income plus 80% of neighboring rights we receive from the exploitation of your musical content.

  • No surprises: when we work for you, you’ll know exactly what the costs for your release are. Upfront.

  • Our experienced team keeps the contact personal and offers professional advice.

  • Want us to handle the royalty calculations- and payments for your artists? No problem, we will happily do so for a small additional fee.

  • Need mastering, mixing, or business advice? Clients can access these services at 20% off.


We currently handle the distribution for a number of labels, from our in-house imprints Immersed Recordings, Suspended Sounds, and clients such as Masvingo Recordings (EDHI EDWARD's label).

our services at the moment are invite-only. please email us to get started. we will contact you back in 1-2 business days.

Ready to start? Contact us at

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