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Atmopsheria Two Artwork.jpg

Various Artists

Atmospheria: Volume Two


June 19, 2020

Atmospheria is our series of ambient and melodic originals reworked into deep and progressive house tracks. Following last year's successful Volume One, we present Volume Two, coming June 19th.

The first of two originals come from Tydrous. The Ohio native participated in Volume One with 'Winter Fields,' with a progressive rework from Deeparture. This time he presents 'Into Thin Air," exploring intricate vocal and pad samples layered over delicate piano notes. On remix duty is up and coming Turkish producer Erdi Irmak. Known for his tight grooves and unique percussion, Irmak presents a chill yet danceable rework.

The second of two originals comes from British composer Kieldfal. His track 'Fades In Time' was already a hit within the ambient scene, earning praise from the YouTube channel Ambient. We've licensed the composition to bring you a rework from Argentinian producer Antrim. Antrim's remix employs the pads and piano for a progressive take.

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