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May 24th, 2019

Today announces the inaugural release of a new label, Immersed (powered by Proton Radio). From the East Coast of the United States, Immersed promotes deep house and deep progressive house. These two sub-genres have become immense in the underground house scene and can be seen on our first release, Clouded.

Original artist David Saffran (Gambitt) was born and raised in Asheville, N.C. where he spent most of his early life learning music. He attended music production school, Tin Pan Alley Studios, in New York City for five years and is classically trained as a pianist and singer. Gambitt has no official releases to his name yet, but his close friendship with Immersed has landed him the role of official AandR. Gambitt's track Clouded plans to set the standard for the label, presenting driving melodies, rich sound design and moving basslines.

First on remix duty is respected progressive house artist, Antrim. Founder of Or Two Strangers and hailing from the center of the Argentinian progressive scene, Guillermo Cornejo has released on some of the most respected labels, such as Sudbeat and Hope Recordings. Antrim's sound is widely recognizable with his layered melodies and groovy percussive drums. His signature sound is present on this remix, being amplified to please those looking for a groovier rendition.

On final remix, duty is Argentinian progressive duo, Analog Jungs. Claudio Cornejo and Gustavo Ruarte are teamed up as one of the most recognized aliases in deep progressive house. Their music has been heard all over the world, played out by Hernan Cattaneo, Jody Wisternoff, Nick Warren and many more. Known for their combination of minimalistic melodies and catchy grooves, Analog Jungs delivers captivating creativity.

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