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Undefined (MT) - Nifs EP (Remixes) - Alb

Undefined (MT)

Nifs (Remixes)


Feburary 18th, 2021

Undefined (MT)'s Nifs EP last year was impressive, filled with warm vibes and catchy melodies. This year we are revisiting the EP with remixes from two upcoming artists worth keeping eyes on.

On remix duty for 'Nifs' is Immersed HQ's very own Gil Zambrano. Gil Zambrano is known for his previous release on Immersed, 'Never Look Back' (with Into The Ether). Gil's remix simplifies the original melody and creates a techy vibe, amplifying the tension for those looking for a more clubby version.

On remix duty for 'Sahab' is prolific producer Doppel. Hailing from Australia, Doppel is known for his techy yet progressive organic vibes on labels such as Open and Bassic Records. Doppel's remix flips the original into his signature Australian jungle vibe, presenting high-quality percussion and ambient vibes for those looking for a more organic version.

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