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Joshua Moreno

Provenance (Remixes)


November 6th, 2020

Earlier this year, Joshua Moreno released the driving and groovy EP titled Provenance. This time, we're releasing remixes to present new versions of these tracks.

On remix duty for Der-Groove Hersteller is Hessian. Based in Bristol, Hessian is a relatively new producer but his sound is centered around clean percussions, happier melodies, and vocal chops. His signature sound is present on the remix, simplifying the melodies and percussion for a softer and catchier rendition.

On remix duty for Point of Renewal (feat. Gambitt) is melodic house producer Bluum. Based in the United Kingdom, Bluum is known for his silky synth-driven melodic house tracks on FSOE UV and through various remixes. He brings his signature style to the remix, accentuating the synths for those who are looking for a progressive rendition.

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